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The Kraken is not only shopping and buying goods, it is also communication with like-minded people. There is a forum for this called WayAway. This forum has existed since 2009, during which time the resource has gathered a huge audience where you can chat with people with the same interests, participate in contests, earn money writing content and generally have a good time. Let's talk more about the functionality of WayAway on kraken onion.

A short overview of the wayaway forum?

To enter the kraken forum you will need to register, to do this, enter your login and come up with a high-quality strong password, then enter the captcha and you can enter the forum. If you have just registered, then some of the functionality will not be available to you, this is a necessary measure to eliminate spam. In order for the functions to open, it is worth being active on the forum. At the top of the screen, you will find a general chat where you can have a nice chat with other people. There you will also find a section with competitions, as well as a digital magazine wayaway. Also on the kraken forum there is a section with darknet media, where various authors maintain their columns and telegram channels covering the latest news in the darknet world. You can also get on the darknet media list by submitting an application and waiting for approval. This and many more interesting things await you on the wayaway kraken forum.